Oahu & Maui Hawaii Catering Menus

Whether you’re putting together plans for a wedding, corporate event, graduation party, baby luau, funeral, or any other type of event, Kama’aina Catering & Tent Rentals has catering menus for any occasion. Equipped with more than 30 years of catering experience, we can provide you with delectable appetizers, entrees, and desserts that are a blend of both traditional favorites and specialty dishes. Learn more about each of our Oahu and Maui, Hawaii catering menus below.

Wedding Menu

If you’re looking for a caterer to set you up with a classic American buffet for your wedding reception, Kama’aina Catering & Tent Rentals has just what you need. Our wedding menu includes traditional wedding foods like braised boneless short ribs in red wine sauce, baked chicken, fresh masculine greens, twice-baked mashed potatoes, and more.

Kama’aina menu

If you choose the  Kama’aiana menu, you will be treated to various types of sushi, white rice, and Namasu. This menu will also include things like roast beef with mushroom sauce, teriyaki beef, sweet and sour spareribs, Kalua pig and cabbage, and many other options.

Hawaiian Menu

Would you like to serve Hawaiian food at your event? If so, we have just Hawaiian menu for you. You’ll find lots of local flavor on this menu in the form of poi, Lomi salmon, “real” imu-style Kalua pig, chicken long rice, ahi poke, haupia, and so much more.

American Menu

In addition to serving traditional American dishes at weddings, Kama’aina Catering & Tent Rentals can also serve them at other events. Our American menu features everything from potato macaroni salad and baked macaroni au gratin to beef pot roast with mushroom sauce and baked ham with pineapple sauce.

Japanese Menu

At Kama’aina Catering & Tent Rentals, we’ve taken some traditional Japanese dishes and put our own local spin on them to create a delicious Japense menu. On it, you’ll find Somen salad, assorted sushi, Yaki Soba, Mochiko chicken, Andagi, and more.

Asian International Menu

Our Asian international menu is the last of our Oahu and Maui, Hawaii catering menus, but it’s certainly not the least. It has foods from different Asian regions on it to provide your event with a little bit of everything. You can choose from options like Chinese chicken salad, Korean Kim Chee, Namasu, Char Sui chicken, and more.

Please take a closer look at all our Oahu and Maui, Hawaii catering menus to see which one would work best for your event. Call Kama’aina Catering & Tent Rentals at 808-677-0067 today to learn more about your options.