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Kama’aina Catering and Services supplies delicious cuisine to large and small events across Hawaii. Our experienced, professional chefs prepare fine foods and drinks with Hawaiian, American, Japanese and international flavors to suit the taste and the theme of your event. We bring courteous service and appetizing selections to luaus, weddings, corporate events, funerals, private parties, birthday parties, retirement celebrations and many more.

Our menu includes a variety of delicious entrees, appetizers and desserts including tropical specialties, traditional favorites and sophisticated international delicacies. Our fresh ingredients, flavorful recipes and delicious presentation from our appetizers to our desserts make us the favorite Oahu, Hawaii catering company. Each dish is carefully prepared and displayed especially for your event so every guest feels invited, special and satisfied.

A range of pricing options, course sizes and themes provides appetizing options for large or small events with any budget. Find out more about our foods and services and contact us to arrange catering for your event.